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A Chat With ADVMotoCo / Triumph Tiger 800 Turn Signal Relocation Kit

ADV Moto Co produces turn signal relocation kits for the Triumph Tiger 800 models, which move the vulnerable signals from the side, up near the headlight. After seeing numerous recommendations for the kits in online groups, I decided to see what was the impetus behind them, and why they’re so popular. The one-man team behind it, Terry, took some time to answer my questions.

A customer’s bike with AdvMotoCo’s turn signal relocation kit. Click for full size.

What got you into adventure riding, and what is a brief history of your experience?

I started riding motocross at about 14. I was hooked on motorbikes from two school mates who rode. One, Kelvin Tatum went on to become a pretty successful speedway rider. I always had a bike, starting with a Suzuki AP50 (the best and fastest moped!). I got onto adventure bikes more for long distance comfort really, and the fact that you can go anywhere on these bikes. It opens up whole new avenues to adventures.

The Triumph Tiger is a popular competitor in the wide field of adventure motorcycles. What is it about the Tiger that makes you a happy owner?

I love the unique triple engine, the snick, snick gearbox and generally the comfort of it. I had a BMW R1200GS before, which just became too heavy, The Tiger 800 has a great balance of power and weight and comfort.

Nearly every motorcycle has a flaw. It seems many bikes, especially adventure, have vulnerable turn signals that get damaged in the event of a drop or crash. In the previous generation of Triumph Tigers, this seems like an all too common occurrence. What was the impetus that lead to developing your turn signal relocation kit?

I’m a designer. I dropped the bike on its side & broke the indicator, which also went straight through the side panel. That cost me £120 in parts alone. It made me think, what a terrible place to put an indicator on an adventure bike. Maybe I can do something about that.

In your initial offerings, were there any particular issues or kinks you needed to work out before you arrived to the current kits?

I initially offered it at the start of the first covid outbreak. I had made it for myself. But then I really wanted to help Blood Bikes, as they were working so hard with this new virus, delivering samples for testing to specialist facilities, literally riding death about. So I began by giving the kit away for donations. They made over £700. Then I couldn’t sustain sending things out for nothing. When I stopped doing them, I got lots of messages asking to buy them. So I developed the kit on, making it better & simpler. Plug and play as it is now.

Blood Bikes is a blood donor transportation service provided by fellow riders. “Our members transport blood, platelets, samples, surgical instruments, human donor milk and many other clinical products across the UK & Ireland”

I’ve seen many, many mentions of your turn signal relocation kit in online Tiger groups. According to one of your latest posts, you’ve sold over 400 kits! Is the demand manageable, or are you eyeing any upcoming mass production?

The demand is manageable as the customer base is pretty small & focused. I make everything myself by hand and also using 3D printing, which is a very sustainable way of making things. Sustainability is very important to me, so I try to keep everything very minimal. The product itself, to using recycled cardboard packaging. All documentation is sent by PDF, rather than printing stuff out that would only be thrown away. I have sent kits all around the world, from the UK to the EU, to the USA to New Zealand.

Do you have any related future projects in the pipeline? Has there been any demand or thought of other existing problems you’d like to tackle?

There is one thing on the Tiger that I’m looking at, which I have a issue with. Designing that now. I’m always open to suggestions that people would be looking at that I could produce mostly with 3D printing.

Lastly, I’d like to start a tradition with these interviews, and you’re the first to be asked. What do you consider your top three essentials that might not be on a standard packing list, to bring with you on an adventure trip?

Mindfulness, living in the moment, a fully charged smartphone, Goretex jacket, trousers and especially boots.

You can order Tiger 800 turn signal relocation kits at

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